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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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fang says he's never seen the board left so out of the negotiations process. that is all oof camera. sheer what spokes people thood say oncamera today. bart showing what workers in a long list of other public employers pay into pensions while bart workers pay nothing. >> we're just trying to play catch whaup everybody else figured out how to do. >> bart says there is no line in the sand but sounds like there is. on pension benefits that have to be reigned in if bart is the line. >> contracts that continued to allow bart employees to pay nudging and a flat rate for health care those contracts are no longer sustainable. >> bart commuter is working on putting together a carpool for next week. >> that is how we get back and worth to work.
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>> roger drives to oakland from walnut creek and is planning for a strike. >> it was awful. double time. and this time it's gg to be worse, right? there is going to be 10% more. >> the director off camera told us that he thinks these talks are more contentious than nose 1997. if there is a strike anyone expecting a short resolution he says he's heard it would be two weeks. first week is when public would crucify unions second week hating everyone except then works run out of money. in oakland abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you. now thousands of bart riders caught in the milleddel of the labor zpu. a labor rally is just getting underway.
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nick you smoke spoek to some riders today. >> i'm going to tell you i've heard people who are already ready to put workers up on that proverbial cross. 100 workers representing various unions, here for a rally. at 6:00 they're going to march down to the bart headquarters. i tell you theme was frustration it couldn't have been more clear they do not want another strike. >> pension is a big problem, right? >> well, it appears to be. bart workers gearing up to put brakes on service and riders not happy about it. >> i found bout that this morning and it was challenging. >> commuters say getting
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around is hard enough. >> this is hard times. we're hurting. and so this service is needed desperately. >> commuters are directing anger at bart and workers. >> i imagine at sometime people working on bart will accept minute pal. >> pay part of the pension and health care, everybody else does. >> still others believe a hard line approach would seal in the deal. >> bart is overpaid and if i was on the board i'd whark i'd offer you'd get a 25% cut, a 20% cut if you don't like that, you're out of the door. >> two sides have until sunday to reach an agreement. protesters may try to join the rally in less than an hour.
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>> rider ship tripled during the strike this, time around service from oakland to san sfran will start earlier expend later, sf bay ferry will be making more runs from oakland to the ferry building. golden gate ferry officials say they will not be adding more services next week and commuters getting an incentive to try casual carpooling. the commission will be holding out $5 gift cards at the spots. swamped during the stoppage, thousands lined up for that service causinglwhv long delays and frustrated commuters. people are lining up their rides. you can find information on abc 7 >> and bart can use an app called karma.
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coming up at 6:00 incentives they're offering and we've assembled a range of resources including alternative transit options and realtime maps. you can down load the waze traffic52+xñ app and follow us n twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> we're learning more about child molestation allegations against a popular teacher. joseph martin is in jail. the latest now from abc 7 news reporter qlaur anthony. >> the fallout continues after one of the popular teachers was arrested on charges he molested nearly a dozen of his students the attorney
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represents an 11-year-old boy. the boy and family seeking more than $25,000 in damages among allegations that martin groomed a boy for molestation, put the hands down his shirt and fondled him. >> abuse we know of so far occurred in classroom. the district was also neglect in allowing this teacher to be at a private sleep away camp with our client as well. >> the claim names steve lawrence and past and current principals for failing to act promptly and notify police for prior allegations. beyond that, claims state after martin was notified he was being removed from his position administrator as loued him to return to class to say goodbye. according to the claim martin took that opportunity to pressure boit not to
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anyone and the fact he was alutd back is is shocking. >> this written statement to abc 7 news. quote the district has taken appropriate actions including immediate premoveal of the teacher from campus. martin pled guilt knot guilty to 91 felony charges. in concord abc 7 news. >> and developing news a jury just found a former schoolteacher guilty of sexual assaulting five students just seven and eight years old. the crimes happened inside of his classroom last year. abc 7 news is live outside of the courtroom for us. david? >> well, jury started deliberating yesterday including this afternoon rendering its verdict finding
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chandler guilty of lewd acts in with victims. it appeared his eyes filled with tears as the clerk read verdicts. the court filled with relatives and friends and the defense tried to discredit graphic descriptions of the children as they tried to convey what they did with blind folds on. the jury believe what the children said. the deputy district attorney says she has one hope for the victim. >> they were made victims as a result of mr. chandler's hiding what he was doing. its any hope these children forget everything about being in mr. chandler's class and never realize the kind of victims he made them. >> members of the
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predominantly male jury declined to talk with reporters. the defense attorney also declined to speak. the prosecutor did say she is expecting chandler will get 75 years to live for the swaumt of the five victims at the school. >> thank you. >> aerial castro came face-to-face with one victim today as he was enlt yensed for sid kidd napping three women, holding them for years .s castro spoke in cleveland blaming a sex addition his former wife and fbi for not investigating the abductions. he claimed women were never tortured. one victim, michelle knight said she spent 11 years intbt-r hell. >> you don't desthaempblt you deserve life in prison.
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>> people trying to paint me as a monster, i'm in the a monster, i'm sick. >> authorities believed photos of the prison he built in the home. he will serve out a life sentence and a thousand years. >> police searching for a man who grabbed a woman near campus of santa clara university. she was walking just west of campus. he told her not to make noise. the man spun around and kicked him in the groin and took off, running. a robber arrested today police say he fired a gun trying to hold up california check cashing store. police told neighbors to stay in homes after the search. police tracked him down and arrested him blocks away. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 how getting in tune with nature could help you get a good night's sleep a stern
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warning from america's cup after actor tom cruise took a spin on the bay. >> i'm sandhya patel. i'll show what you weather changes are coming up straight ahead. >> thank you. >> and michael finney checks out a classic american car is that making a
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sky 7 shows firefighters tackling a brush fire this afternoon starting about 3:00 )y and winds spread so quickly authorities should down willow pass road during response this, is just across the street from the sea cal power plant at 10th street.
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the plant was never in danger. a new study in oakland found a whooping cough shot for adults are not always enough to prevent outbreaks. the booster was found to be effective only 53% to 64% of the time. researchers say it points to the fact a new vaccine is needed to prevent the outbreaks becoming more common these days. one of the america cup teams is in hot water for letting actor tom cruise and his son steer one of the racing boats. void vido released of them on board but it turns out guests have been banned on board since a deadly zment may that killed andrew simpson. the director has kensured team new zealand for the move. >> big news tonight for general motors. top ratings from consumer reports. the image skoon partnered with 7 on your side for a look at that rating.
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>> this is so cool. impal yeah outscored more foreign made luxury sedans. the impala has been around since 1958 back be then the best selling car in america. matthew has been restoring them since he was in high school. >> they have become a classic. they're luxurious, handle well and have been a great looking car. >> imhas been redesigned and over the years tell on tough times becoming uncompetitive. but for 2014 chevolet has come out with a new impala impressing consumer reports auto team. >> it rides like a sedan. acceleration is quick and handling agile.
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>> the top of the line version costs around $39,000 and comes with advanced safety equipment. that is a big change from the 1958 impala with no seat belts and no air bags. old impal yaz had am radio new impala is state of the art. the system has a simple touch screen but there are still good old knobs and buttons, too. >> we've seen big improvement in qarz a lot of successful redesign. impala is perhaps the most impressive yet. it now outscores cars like audi, a 6 because many thousands of dollars more and as for matthew? he's excited about the new impala. >> it's going to be the car back on the map again.
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>> redesigns include jeep grand cherocky and the ford fusionzj] all well selling car autos very cool. >> sure. >> do you want to get a better night's sleep? you might want to consider camping. researchers took eight volunteers camping and each reported their sleeping cycles changed and felt less tired.r)q study backs up research showing artificial light can lead to disturbances researchers say if you can't go camping you'll feel better if you get more natural sunlight than if you watch television. >> eight more dead birds tested pose nif contra costa county. found in antioch, brentwood, danville and walnut creek. people can contract west nile virus when an infected motorcycle bites a bird thenpeo.
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in san jose motorcycle fogging to prevent west nile will get underway around 11:00 tonight taking place near san jose international airport. >> see lots of micro climates around here this afternoon now. >> yes. it's breezy on the roof top where we find jand pattem. >> out in the elements. >> yes. breezy here. but blue skies behind me enjoying sun here. and typical sea breeze kicking in this afternoon. now, i want to show you live doppler 7 talking about weekend, some of you making plans. and here is thev2:i patch of low clouds i can find on live dip pler 7 so many parts of the bay area enjoying sunshine. feel a change in air mass. it's a cool breeze coming off ocean. sfo gusting to 25 miles per hour. 30 miles per hour at fairfield
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out of the southwest. you can see san carlos 24 miles per hour winds. checking out the view you can see blue skies there. san francisco 63 degrees oakland at 66 right now. low 70s for san jose mountain view. our cool spot at 59 degrees, check out this view from our camera spectacular shot there. tourists out and about enjoying this nice view of ours. highs today livermore you only only made it to 78 today. the view from our camera nothing but sunshine if you're traveling up to tahoe noid upper 70s under sunny skies so enjoy if you're going up thereíy to camp or hike.
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minor changes are expected throughout the weekend. we've been talking about this cool pocket of air over pacific northwest. what we're going to see looking at computer animation is a piece of energy going to hang back, shrink then just park off the northern california coast heading into the week ahead. >> what does this mean? little change in our pattern bottom line is that we're not expecting heat soon as long as that lingers offer the coast. so tomorrow morning low 50s to low 60s. some low clouds along coast. tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be warmer. in the south bay san jess yeah going from 74 today to 80 degrees tomorrow. nice sunny in cupertino. santa cruz, mild, 73 degrees. 77 palo alto. redwood city 78 degruó$r perfect weather there.
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65 half moon bay. breezy like today, 68 in downtown san francisco. sunset district 64 you'll feel sea breeze into afternoon. sunny skies, mid 80s in santa rosa. san rafael up to 80 degrees up towards clear lake low 90. temperatures really comfort zone. 72 oakland. 76 union city. inland spots. 88 antioch fairfield today upper 80s in antioch so perfect weather if you like warmth. 86 degrees in livermore. check out the accu-weather forecast, now when i say little change i mean just minor up and down for temperatures. i'll call it mini roller coaster into weekend. temperatures do fall a few degrees mid-80s inland. mid-70s around the bay. temperatures do come up a few degrees. monday, tuesday, only to fall again wednesday, thursday.
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looking at that 7-day forecast you don't see 90s or[qíb 100s in there. we're going to keep heat away for a while. i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> watch abc live stream now available here in the bay area abc 7 is the local station and abc first broadcast network to bring you a live stream. >> now you never have to miss a minute of the news and shows you love. watch abc awill yous you to bring it with you whenever you want to be. >> it's a special new benefit brought to you at no additional cost. >> just go to abc 7 to find out thousand access watch abc. then enter your account information to get the live stream or you can search to down load the app. >> northern california sign could give new meaning to slow down.
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>> and tonight at 6:00 abc 7 news follow up on an accident from nearly two years ago. why the owner has not
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levies celebrating grand opening of its new store. the new space more open ask infused with local touches including hand painted murals of different san francisco neighborhoods. the company hired 140 extra staff bringing the total to more than00 people. >> a member of the abc 7 news family got special recognition reserved for legendary san n -- san francisco personalities. today it's wall of fame
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carolyn tyler. she was among six news professionals honored. the restaurant has its walls filled with local famous people. >> you can usually see fire chief, police chief. those sorts of city officials, public officials so to be part of this it's nice. >> today's ceremony served as a fund-raiser for the friends of faith walk around lake merit f you'd like to join we have a link for you on our web site. >> well deserved there. that is great. congratulations. >> a new street sign outside has people scratching their heads. reading take a look. please slow drively. think about that. right? it seems to be a variation of
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a insign that says please drive slowly. people want to know it was made on purpose. >> i do think people will try to slow down to try to reach the sign. right? >> get ready to groove. >> up next the art and film festival comes to o
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coming up we'll take you back live to the bart workers rally. >> plus impact on those who depend on bart to get around. >> also, problems with rebates happen all the time. what you need to do to make sure you get your money. plus, concern about rail disasters that feature california high speed rail system will have. >> we'll have the stories and more coming up tonight on abc news at 6:00. >> right now, final
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preparations for one of the premier summer festivals. >> crews began putting up grandstands today. >> it also features what organizers say is the largest family fun zone of any bay area festival. >> festivities run until 8:00 and noon, until 6:00 sunday. >> from all of us here, thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. we'll see you at 6:00.
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this is "world news." tonight face to face, a woman survives a decade of torture in cleveland and finally gets to stare her tormenter down. >> i will live on. you will die a little every day. >> when she finished the captor cries and tries to blame the victim. we take you inside the mind of the man they call the monster. on alert, the new threat forcing american embassies around the world to lock their doors. made in america, david muir takes us to meet the workers who just created the first smart phone made here at home. their new ideas and their promise that america is back. >> made in america!


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